QGnokii - an alternative frontend for Gnokii

Version 0.4.2 is now out

QGnokii is an alternative frontend for Gnokii written in QT3 and distributed under the terms of GNU GPLv2 license. It has been tested on Linux and Gnokii 0.6.14. From version 0.4 OpenBSD is not supported (maybe in future...). I've written this frontend, because "standard" xgnokii is obsolete. QGnokii is probably buggy and it's code is really awful. It can't send linked SMSes yet. Version 0.4.2 supports: Functionality will be enhanced in the future. Primary targets: calendar, todo list (write support). In order to use QGnokii, you must have installed Gnokii first (and pppd in order to use modem).
Version 0.4 is the first version using libgnokii directly and divided into daemon and client.
This means you must first run QGnokiid in order to use QGnokii. You must configure client to connect to proper host running QGnokiid (for example
How to install QGnokii:
1. Unpack the tarball.
2. Edit Makefile (change QTDIR variable to your QT3 directory and INSTALL_PREFIX variable if needed).
3. Do make && make install (as root)
Before first use please relogin or do . /etc/profile as user.

How to uninstall QGnokii:
1. Enter directory with QGnokii's sources
2. Do make uninstall

You can also download a Slackware binary package.


Copyright 2006 by Piotr Jedryczek. Distributed under the terms of GNU GPLv2 license

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